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Client Testimonials

“Maintenance work have been completed and we are delighted with the results!
Many thanks”
Mini Frangiamore, AM, Bushells
“Guys, I meant to say, thanks very much for the fence. I think it looks very good.”
James Beale, Resident
“... Ryszard is probably the best tradesmen I've ever met, absolutely awesome.”
Tony Belvin, West Cornwall Pasty Co
“Mrs Vickers is very very happy with Adrem's work and will only be using them in the future.”
Philip Smith, Smith Waters
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Gas Safe

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Don’t panic! We’ll take care of you.
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We’ll give you instructions on how to cope with your emergency while you wait for us to arrive

Our London Gas Service
Adrem’s team of Gas Safe and NICEIC approved London gas engineers are on hand to locate the cause of any gas problems you may be experiencing in your property and remedy the fault with minimum inconvenience to you. Our services include boiler installation and maintenance, hot water issues, gas boiler repair, plumbing and heating, problems with gas cookers and hobs and any urgent safety requirements. It can be a frightening experience to come home and smell gas. The key is not to panic- just give us a call and we’ll get an experienced gas safe accredited engineer out to you ASAP.’

We also have you covered for all your general central heating systems and maintenance, such as central heating installation, radiator bleeding, power flushing, blocked valves, pipes and pumps, and removing rust or sludge deposits. And if you’re not sure what you system needs, don’t worry! We’ll take a look and let you know exactly what needs to be done, and what the costs will be.

Our commitment
Here at Adrem, we’re very proud of the exceptional service levels we maintain. We work hard to ensure that every one of our customers feels well looked after, and we know that everyone’s needs are unique which is why we always provide a bespoke service, tailored specifically to you. We believe that it is this level of care, combined with a consistently high standard of work that keeps so many of our customers loyal to us.

Call our service team on 0800 612 6026 or request a Gas Engineers online.


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Boiler maintenance and emergencies
‘highest quality gas servicemen…’ with, ‘one of our gas safe engineers to you to get the problem fixed quickly’

We also service gas boilers and combi boilers, to keep your system’s safety record up-to-date and minimise the chance of things going wrong.
Having your boiler regularly serviced can save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only because it can reduce the chance for (sometimes expensive) emergency repairs/replacements, but also because having a specialist ensures that the appliance is running efficiently could keep the cost of your bills down.

Need a new boiler?
Adrem supply and install the latest high efficiency boilers, keeping your gas bills down and ensuring your carbon footprint is minimal. We can advise you on the best choice for your requirements, and give you a free estimate on boiler installation.

Gas installation
If you’re looking for a new system, an upgrade or think you need to give your current system a bit of a boost, we can help. We’ll provide you with a free estimation within 48 hours of your enquiry. We’ll work with you to find a cost-effective solution to any of your needs and provide a very competitive quote for putting it all in place.

Our London gas installers are qualified to Gas Safety and NICEIC standard, and they’re also a friendly and helpful bunch who’ll be happy to explain how your new system works as well as offering a few tips on keeping it in top condition.

Annual Gas Safety Checks
Yes, we perform these too, and we do them at very competitive prices. A fully certified Gas Safety technician will make an appointment with you at your convenience. Office, home or commercial property, we cater to all buildings and systems with a personalised and friendly service. Our Gas Safety Report service includes:

1. Inspection of up to three gas appliances
2. Testing operating pressure
3. Ensuring correct ventilation
4. Flue performance checks
5. Flue condition and termination
6. Assessing safety devices for correct operation

What is...

Power flushing?
Power flushing is a technique we can use when a heating system has become blocked up, meaning little or no hot water is getting through and therefore your radiators are staying cold. We basically push high pressure water and cleaning chemicals through the whole system, removing any build up of sludge or rust that has accumulated in the pipes, valves or pump. Once your pipes are clean, we’ll check each individual radiator to make sure they’re all getting the right flow, and your heating will be back on form to get you through those frosty London winter months.

Give us a call now for a quote and to book on ...

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
Our number 1 priority is ensuring your safety, which is why we’re on hand 24/7 to answer your emergency calls. We don’t use external call centres, so you won’t be held in a queue. Our very best Gas Safety engineers can get to ANYWHERE within the M25, and all our tradesmen are provided with fully equipped vehicles using the latest GPS systems so they can reach you quickly and efficiently.

Wise-up! Get your gas safety knowledge up to speed...

Tips & Tricks

Can you smell gas?
If you can smell gas in your home or property, you need to act fast. Remember gas is highly flammable, so be careful not to do anything that might cause a spark, such as flicking light switches or turning electric equipment on or off. Try to ventilate the area by opening a window, and don’t spend too long breathing the gas in. Look for obvious causes such as a pilot light that has gone out, a gas hob being left on or a gas fire not properly lit. If you spot the source, and it’s easily remedied such as a gas hob being left on or a gas appliance malfunctioning, switch it off and thoroughly ventilate the area to get rid of the excess gas.

If the source isn’t obvious, you need to give us a call on 020 612 6026. If you know how, switch off your gas supply at the mains. Evacuate the property until we arrive. Gas leaks can cause fires or even explosions, and your safety is always the most important thing.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)
This one is tricky, because you can’t see, taste or smell it, but it can be deadly if it leaks into your house. Carbon Monoxide is produced through incomplete combustion, so basically when there isn’t enough oxygen present for fuel to burn efficiently. Older gas domestic appliances are the biggest culprit for producing Carbon Monoxide within the home, and it’s also what comes out of car exhausts.

Recognising the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning might just save your or someone else’s life. The first symptom is usually a headache, which might be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, feeling tired and confused, vomiting, abdominal pain, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and eventually loss of consciousness. If you or anyone is showing signs of CO poisoning, you need to find fresh air straight away.

Get yourself a Carbon Monoxide detector or two and position them around your house. They work in much the same way as smoke detectors, sounding an alarm if the CO levels are getting high. While smoke detectors don’t detect CO, and vice-versa, you can buy a combination detector that will do both.

It’s not just for Santa Claus...
If you have a chimney or two in your home you should have them cleaned at least once a year. These days it’s not necessary to use human chimney sweeps! Industrial chimney sweep vacuum cleaners have been designed specifically to do the job cleanly and efficiently. But even if you don’t use the fire-place, chimneys provide ventilation to your property which is essential in ensuring you don’t get a build-up of gas, which can be poisonous. This also applies to flues and air-vents. They all exist for a reason, and the cleaner they are, the better they function.

To be honest, our advice on this one is very simple- don’t do it. While it’s great to spend time on your property and dabble in DIY repairs and improvements, we advise that ANY gas work should be done by a registered and fully qualified professional. When it comes to gas appliances or gas systems, it’s always all about safety- and therefore just not worth the risk.

Did you know...
Household gas is actually odourless. The smell is added to the gas before it is provided to your property so that if there is a leak, you’re able to recognise it.

Did you know...
Household gas is actually odourless. The smell is added to the gas before it is provided to your property so that if there is a leak, you’re able to recognise it.

You should get gas safety checks every year. Whether in the work place or at home, one appliance or twenty, all appliances need to be checked regularly to ensure they’re working properly and not, for example, leaking gas- because even a small leak can cause an accident causing harm to your health and others around you.